Thank Goodness for the Wifi of Others

When I began writing this post, I was at out because we had no power.  My husband just called to say that the power is back on.  I am so happy I’m giddy.

What follows is a bit after the fact, I planned on blogging over the weekend.

This is an adorable sweater knit by Jane, in Spud Chloe sweater yarn.  I’ll add the pattern information another time as Michelle and I have decided to knit it in Minnow Merino Cotton Tail yarn.

When Linda’s mother passed away, she left a legacy of 5 large garbage bags of yarn.  Most of the Wallaby sweaters she knit for her grandchildren were knit with yarn from her mother’s stash.  Kind of a cool circle of life thing.  In the stash was a sweater almost totally finished.  One sleeve was partially knit.  I’m going to see if I can decipher the sweater shaping so that she can finish the sweater.  I think this is so great, that she’ll have this sweater that her mother started.

When Linda arrived she was wearing an Winter Olympics Jacket.  Mary asked if she’d been in the Olympics.  Linda told Mary she had, if watching twin 7 y.o. boys for 2 weeks while their parents were AT the Olympics counts as an event.  It could’ve been worse.  She could’ve gotten a T-shirt that said, “My children went to the Olympics and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”.

Elizabeth has been working on the Citron pattern by