Is this where we come to lick our wounds?

Beth of Westport Yarns graciously invited my stitch and chat group to meet at the store as Stamford is still in a “state of emergency” with power not entirely restored.

Everyone enjoyed the new venue and were delighted to see how the store was shaping up.  Beth was busy setting up for tonight’s Grand Opening Celebration.  Click here for details.  It’s not too late to rsvp and attend, it’s going to be great.

Michelle came with her “Mateo” sweater by Skiff Designs.  This sweater for all it’s “peace, love, and harmony” makes my brain hurt.  I do love the yarn, by Maggi Knits, called Maggi’s Linen.

She swatched for the Minnowknits, China Doll Jacket, like the one I made for baby.  We are our own best/worst enemy.  With each of us having babies the same age/size, we can’t help knit the same things.

Here are the colors of the sweater we’re making in Minnowknits Cottontail. This is the sweater.

I know I promised the name of the pattern, however I’m sitting outside enjoying the beautiful morning before going to work and I don’t want to get up and find it.

Abby finished her Coco Knits, Double Wrap Cowl and it fits her perfectly.  She knit it in Torino Bulky.

Now she’s starting a top down poncho mixing My Family and Prism Wild Stuff.  She’s a little dubious as to her ability to knit it.  I think it’ll come out just fine.

Carrie joined us today and began working on her second mitten, knit in Misti Alpaca Grande.  The pattern is called “Family of Mittens”.  She has some yarn from the Knitting Central sale that we are going to find projects for.

Michelle tried on the work in progress of a design I started last year.  This is the one that Michelle, Elizabeth, and Mary already have the yarn for.  It’s crocheted in 2 pieces.

We were both happy with how it fit.  Now it’s time to write up my notes and work the other side, which is virtually the same just reversed.

Linda came in with the sleeve of her mother’s sweater to work on.  She made a very astute observation.  She (like me and many others) was still without power at the time.  Linda remarked that survival is exhausting and that she understands why mortality rates were so much lower way back when.

Now, off to work.