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We are going into our 4th day of no heat or power.  Unfortunately we had 6″ of water in our basement (our back up sump pump failed).

I’ve been knitting by candlelight at night.  It’s been interesting to see which of my children has the toughest time being totally unplugged.  An in-home sociological experiment.

 This child was managing by reading all bundled up on the sofa.

 I’ve been cooking on my gas stove top by the light of my Coleman lamp.

Last night while teaching at Westport Yarns, I saw the cavalry arrive in the form of light and power trucks from Massachusetts, Ohio, and (possibly) Canada.

My children had to come with me to the store while I taught so that they could recharge their electronics and enjoy electricity and heat.  They were completely mortified when I stood outside the store and applauded the trucks.  The Westport Code Red phone message now estimates that power will be 99 % restored by midnight tomorrow night.  Apparently there are 59 light & power trucks on the job.

This whole situation has made us very appreciative of weathering the storm safely.  Even the kids are grateful and can see how much they take for granted.  I wonder how long that will last.