Knitting in the News

Knitting has popped up in some interesting places lately.  Knitting has turned political.  There is a new trend in Knit Grafitti. Yes, seriously, knit grafitti.

Knit grafitti. Guerilla Knitting.

“There’s a new form of graffiti in town. What would you do if you found a sweater-wearing tree. Would you be able to do anything but smile?”

Yarn bombers take on Rapid City’s presidents

“A bronze Franklin D. Roosevelt stands at the corners of Fifth and Main streets in downtown Rapid City. Several of the bronze presidents around downtown donned scarves. The bronze Roosevelt was sculpted by artist Edward Hvlaka”

Yarn bombing: Activism even granny would approve of

February 3, 2010 – Featured in the Nexus Newspaper

“When I was a kid, my Oma was always making me sweaters and toques that my mom would force me to wear on family camping trips or at Christmas time. Mostly, I thought they were ugly (sorry, Oma!).
Because of this, I’ve always thought that knitting was something old ladies did because they had too much time on their hands. You can imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that men and women from all over the world, most of them under 40, have become guerrilla knitters.
That’s right—they’re like Che Guevara with yarn.
They call it yarn bombing, or knit graffiti, and it can take almost any form. It’s a kind of cross-disciplinary artistic expression that combines the vision of installation art with the technical proficiency of crochet and the activism of graffiti.
While many people may not consider knitting to be a political activity, in this age of bigger, better, faster, and instant, simply making something by hand can make a powerful statement.

Midnight Knitter Strikes In NJ Shore Town

Someone Knits Scarves For Trees, Lamp Posts

UPDATED: 2:47 am EST March 11, 2010

Someone is spinning quite a yarn over one New Jersey shore town. An unknown person dubbed The Midnight Knitter by West Cape May residents is covering tree branches and lamp poles with little sweaters under cover of darkness.

On a different note:

Giant blanket to ‘hug’ mountain 
Article in the BBC news about South West Wales
Giant blanket knitted by Ann Jordan

Ann Jordan’s giant blanket laid out on the Gower before it was finished

A massive hand knitted blanket is going to “hug” a mountain in the Brecon Beacons National Park on Mother’s Day.
I find it fascinating the knitting is being used to express emotions on such a grand scale.