Knitting Around

I bounced around projects today.  Started the day with the Knitty Skew sock.  Totally a leap of faith knitting project.  Right now I’ve just finished the inner ankle and the mini-gusset. Next up is the heel and the “origami” moment of the sock.  I really hope this is how it’s supposed to look at this point.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the yarn, Celestial Merino in Blue Vesuvius.

I also spent some more time on the crocheted vest.  It’s crocheted side to side.  I just have to figure out what I want to do with the center back.

Tonight is the last class for the Koigu Mitered square scarf, so I spent some time on the store sample.

Mary and I are getting organized to knit our Mission Falls “Shore” cotton cardigan.  We picked out the yarn at and the pattern at Webs 2 years ago!  I remember we had the yarn spread out on the floor while we figured out the the colors.  Somehow with all our planning, we’re slightly off in the number of balls we have for each color.  With all the striping, it should work out fine. 

The pattern calls for 10 colors of 1824 Mission Falls Cotton. I think it will be fun working with all the colors.
I started this post before I began knitting it.  I don’t think I thought this through, there are going to be a ton of ends to weave in, the color changes every 1-2 rows.  Oh Well. 
With knitting around all these projects, I will not experience the same productive level as last week when I only knit baby’s jacket and finished it in a week.  Maybe I’ll work every other week practicing project monogamy (as Ann refers to it) and then knitting around.