When things go boing

As conversations among a group of women tend to do, today’s conversation started out with weight loss – weight watchers – the modern equivalent of girdles – how many sizes are in your closet.

Of course I won’t be naming any names for this.  It was all very funny.  One woman was talking to another about beginning weight watchers and how she felt the need to “pre-game” for it, a last meal or meals before following the program.

That segued into how many rolls do you have in your stomach – some of us count them – some of us stand up straighter to stretch them out – all of us had them.

This segued into a conversation about modern girdles or body shapewear (as they are now referred to).  We talked about Spanx, which provide serious control and learned that these tend to go “boing” and ride up or down (on all of us).  Not a very appealing or convenient side affect when wearing them at a wedding or such.

One woman remarked “I feel like those things could kill you.”  And haven’t we all felt that way.

I recommended Yummie Tummie – a kinder, gentler brand of shapewear.

We learned that if we put all our closets together, with all the sizes we have accumulated for all the ups and downs in our lives that we could start with size 2 and go up to size 22. 

It was one of those conversations where you realized the comforting fact that we all face many of the same challenges with weight/dieting/body issues and when you compare notes it’s very entertaining.

We actually did get some knitting done too.

Sunaina, in her now customary fashion, was on the 4th go of her triangle shawl in Manos.  We cleared up the confusion between the pattern and what I had suggested and she’s back on track.  Still well below the 13x of one of her first projects.

Janine was back – we missed you!  She made great progress on her Wonderful Wallaby although she was concerned that it was going to be too small.  We measured it against one of her son’s sweaters and it’s actually perfect.  She finished the sleeves and got them knit onto the body for the yoke.  The yarn is Nuvola and is so soft.

She worked on a felted bag pattern of mine (from the Knit Together days).  It was initially for her, however her mother liked it and you know how thats going to go. 🙂

I shared with them all the wonderful yarns that have been arriving at Westport Yarns.  One of them being Lima, a big favorite last fall.

Elizabeth worked up a gauge with Buffalo Gold Lux to knit the Knitty Entomology Shawl .  Between the fact that she knits loosely and can control some of the blocking, she’ll knit it only 1 needle size down (on a 0) instead of 2 needle sizes down.

She was almost finished with the String Direct “Trio of Curlicues” scarf that is just beautiful.  This color pink is so pretty.  The effect of the curlicues is achieved with short rows.

Robin spent the morning sorting her yarn into bags of dk and worsted so she can make socks for the kids in her life.  She finished fringing the poncho she knit for her niece.

Elaine showed up with 20 minutes to spare, with her fingerless gloves.  She’s knitting my fingerless gloves, however she put her own spin on it.  First of all she was knitting them inside out – which threw me for a loop.  She worked the thumb in place of the pinky and decided not to add the fingers.  (I know the pattern says fingerless, it is half fingers).  It’s working out fine.

To top Elaine’s arrival time, Linda arrived at 12.  She blew in like wind.  The morning got away from her and she was afraid if she didn’t come and show her face, that we’d forget about her.  As it was, I drew a blank on her name (ridiculous, I know), when relaying a comment about one of her knitting projects. Janine has nickmamed her “cool breeze”.