Yay! Michelle’s Back

After 2 months away in Florida, Michelle is back and she brought a doozy of a project!  We missed you Michelle.

The first project she knit was the Ann Norling Top Down Poncho for kids.  This is the same poncho that Margarita made.  She knit it in a multi cotton from Gedifra. She made the baby- 2 y.o. size.  The hood fit ME.  She took out 3-4″ and is going to try it on her granddaughter to be sure.

Here is Margarita’s again, she knit the 7-10 y.o. size.
The next project she brought, not so simple a solution.  The pattern is called Mateo, by Skiff.  It’s an unstructured roll collared cardigan. 
and the yarn is Maggi’s Linen by Maggi Knits.  
It’s a cotton/linen blend that is worsted weight.  It’s really nice and perfect for this sweater. So now the fun began.  It’s knit in one piece from back to front.  One side of the cardigan is intentionally bigger than the other. This is a very philosophical pattern.

We did a lot of thinking about the speed at which a though travels.  Unfortunately our thoughts weren’t traveling very far.  Suffice to say the mismatched sides was a deal breaker.  It’s was perplexing.
We decided we wanted to control the outcome and modified it to have even fronts.  We all enjoyed the philosophical side commentaries on this pattern.
Lois came by for an hour and we worked on the Noro Lace panel tank.
Abby was beginning her third skein in her Double Wrap Cowl by Coco Knits.  She got good practice in taking out stitches (both intentionally and unintentionally) and putting them back on the needle without twisting them.
Here’s a cool picture of a Ribbed Vest by Rosemary Drysdale that I just finished in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  I really liked it.  The pattern called for it to be 13″ or so in the length to armhole and I made it 16″ instead.  I might make a summery one.