Interesting Turn of Events

One of the hats my husband wears is as a Business Coach.  This has led him through various twists and turns to be a speaker at this years Yarn Market News Conference.  So this means the man that once told me to relax and not knit so much and refers to my knitting as a nervous tic that I’ve made profitable is giving a lecture to a national conference of store owners.  Here’s the bio on him:

Business coach Joe Grushkin has an extensive background as an entrepreneur in direct sales, general sales management, marketing and leadership of small and mid-sized businesses. During his 25-year career, he has assisted hundreds of independent business owner, and trained more than 20,000 sales people.

Grushkin is intimately involved with the yarn business: In addition to having coached yarn shop owners on improving LYS operations, his wife of 22 years, Pam Grushkin, is a knitting blogger, designer and yarn shop employee. Family vacations always involve field trips to local yarn shops, and their car’s emergency kit includes a yarn stash and needles. Grushkin’s firsthand knowledge of knitting culture combines with his diverse business experience to offer the LYS exciting new insights and practical ideas both to build a better business and achieve balance between professional and personal life.

I love the irony here.  In all serious this is a great opportunity and since he’s been forced to bow to the call of yarn, he is in uniquely qualified to talk about balance while respecting the passion we knitters/crocheters have for our craft. I’m very proud of him and maybe he’ll bring back yarn goodies!