Introducing Westport Yarns formerly known as Knitting Central

Yay!!!!!! The cavalry came in the 11th hour riding a white horse and saved our knitting community.

To recap, Cynthia, the owner of Knitting Central, has decided to close the brick and mortar store and continue as an online store. She is beginning a new chapter in her life and we wish her great happiness and success. I will miss her terribly in the day to day however on a positive note, I’m glad I’ll actually get to sit and knit with her now!

The new owner, Beth, as been a customer of the store for years and taken many of my classes. I am delighted to be working with/for her now. It’s a great fit.

I have copied in the email news blast that just went out. Sorry the font is so tiny, I couldn’t change it in cutting/pasting.

Hello to all my wonderful customers.
We are happy to let everyone know that as of today, Thursday, February 11th, Knitting Central located at 582 Post Road East will now be Westport Yarns owned by Beth Schaefer. Beth has been a member of our knitting community for many years. She is a great knitter and a successful business woman. I am confident she will take care of “my baby” and bring it to new heights. Our entire staff that you love and respect will all stay on with the new shop. Please know that you can come in, knit and get the same expert service and knitting help that you have always received. Beth and I have been very busy ordering a great collection of yarns to introduce to you. We should have quite a selection by the end of next week. Our educational program will continue and be as strong as ever. So, look forward to a new class schedule coming out very soon. Until further notice, you can still get all information about Westport Yarns on As for Knitting Central – you can continue to shop with us online at as planned. I might be taking a bit of a breather, so please be patient as I curate a new collection for all of you. Both Beth and I are very excited about our new ventures. Please make sure to come in and welcome Beth. She is looking forward to meeting all of you. Please help us in passing the news to all the knitters you know that their knitting community will stay in tact. Thank you so much for all of the support and kind words you have shared with us over the past month. We have all become such a family of friends and we look forward to watching this continue. Take care. Cynthia and Rick