Argus Completed

Yesterday at the store was fun, we get a lot of people pre-storm (and during storms) who are anxious/excited to have a project to weather the storm.

I’m no exception. They canceled school last night in anticipation of the storm. So far this am, there’s maybe an inch of snow. If we get what they are predicting, it’s the calm before the storm.

So, back to Argus. I shared with Danni my conundrum (SAT word!) of how little yarn I had left and my options. It’s a good thing too, because I had just enough for the purl back row. I don’t think it would’ve been enough for the lace bind off. I felt like some sort of suspenseful music should’ve been playing in the background as I played beat the ever dwindling yarn to the finish.
That’s how little I had left, maybe 18″. Now I’m going to add this yarn to the last 2 pattern rows and the bind off. It’s one of those yarns I just had to have. A single skein with not enough yardage to do anything on it’s own. So glad it came in handy after all.
The final unblocked measurements were:
25″ across the top & 22″ down the center back vs. the pattern..40″ across the top & 2o” down the center back. I forgot to take a picture before I soaked it, so here it is blocked out.
Blocked measurements:
64″ across the top and 29″ down center back vs. the pattern..54″ across the top & 25″ down the center back.

When it’s dry, I’m going to crochet with the sparkly yarn. I’m loving this lace stuff.