Running short in the home stretch

I have 4 more rows on the chart to complete and then the lace bind off (which requires more yarn than the regular bind off.)
I just don’t think the amount of yarn I have is going to be able to go the distance. In fact it looks like much less in the photograph than in person.
Drat that extra repeat of Chart A, way, way, back when. There is no way in h@#$ll I’m going back, just no way.

So my choice is:
1. keep going on the chart and when I run out of yarn, add something sparkly for whatever is left.
(ok, and since writing that this morning, I took some time to organize yarn into projects and all the sparkly yarn I had was not compatible with this particular color of purple).
2. gamble with 1 more pattern row and work a purl lace bind off. I might just have enough for that.
It’s looking like choice #2.


Since this lace is addicting and I can’t seem to focus on much else, I imagine I’ll be finishing this very soon whichever choice I make.

As an aside, Wendy Johnson, the designer of the Argus Shawlette commented on Ravelry that it was “pretty”. Yay!

Then I think I need a lace break for next project. I’m loving it, however I’m putting it in front of all else…. paperwork, exercise, laundry, food shopping. That and considering that I had a wicked headache from the poor posture I was maintaining – the chiropractor was not pleased with me.

Good thing I organized some of my stash into project bags with their intended pattern.