New Recruits to the Fiber Cause

There were 2 new recruits (thank you Ann for the post title) to knitting/stitch and chat. Abby and Randy (a friend of Robin’s).
Neither of them had ever knit before and picked it up nicely. Mary lent Randy a hand with his knitting.

Abby was knitting with a bulky yarn and is starting out with a scarf.

Originally Randy was knitting with a relatively light weight yarn that Robin had in her stash. It was really to thin to learn on comfortably. Later on, she found this ball of Tweedy Alpaca in her bag and that worked out a lot better.

Both Abby and Randy were up and knitting by the end of the session. The most common mistake they made was knitting into a ladder in between stitches or slipping the yarn/yarning over.

Here’s Randy’s knitting with the Tweedy Alpaca.
Elizabeth shared her mock cable socks with Robin. (Elizabeth, please comment with the name of the pattern.)

Mary admitted to sleep knitting and had purled on a knit row and vica versa. It just took a little unknitting to set it right. I’ve done that on occasion myself; it’s a very weird feeling and produces even weirder results.

Robin is progressing on the fingerless gloves pattern she’s testing for me.

Sunaina finished the Artisan’s Belt she is knitting for a gift. The pattern is from the Chicks with Sticks knitting book.
She started knitting the Double Wrap Cowl by Coco Knits. Today she was on track by the 4th try. Turns out she knits really loosely and it took a few efforts to get the right look. Granted if we had swatched it would’ve been a different story – but it’s a scarf so I figured we’d dive right in. If we had done a proper swatch, it would’ve been several needle changes within one swatch. She was no worse for wear and I fully expect to see this done or nearly done by next week.
Ninja knitter came today and worked on a beach cover-up that she has been knitting for several years. She takes it out every few months, knits a bit and then back into the bag it goes.

You see she gets bored after a few rows, and stops. I think she should give this to me.

Sunaina brought in a travel bag for Linda to use as a notions kit. Linda was adamant that Sunaina provide it’s travel route so she could live vicariously through the bag’s itinerary. It could be a made up itinerary. So, Sunaina decided the bag came from a journey from Hong Kong to Auckland. Pretty good!
And, drum roll please….

Linda’s baby sweater/hat gift set is ready. We all loved the cheerfulness of the colors.

The baby sweater pattern is one we designed together. The hat is my flap happy hat.

Lois was working on her Minnow Knits China Doll coat. Somehow she managed to escape without a picture. She worked the 3 needle bind off on the second shoulder and picked up stitches for a sleeve. The sleeves are knit onto the coat. It’s really coming along.