As I sit down to write this post, Thing #2 is regaling me with odd facts from an ‘app’ on her itouch. The last fact she told me before going to bed was ‘If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months, & 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup coffee’ I think my kids may be working on this. As an aside, how in fact did they work that one out and how did they take their coffee.

Lois was looking through the One Skein book by Leigh Radford. She saw a tank pattern she liked, and started to play with some yarn she had leftover from her felted bag. It was coming out way too big. Turns out the pattern was written for lace weight yarn. She’s going to wing it using these 2 colors of Manos.

Today, she learned how to work a 3 needle bind off. The China Doll Jacket is nearly done. The sleeves are next, knit right onto the jacket. I like this pattern so much, I’m going to knit one for baby for the spring.
.Diane was working on her Blue Sky Alpaca Family Pullover in Lima yarn. She had been working the sleeves 2 @ time and the pattern got off-kilter. Ok, now I’ve said that phrase before, “off-kilter” but never written it. It looked weird written out so I googled it. I spelled it right and it’s definition is (as I thought) not in perfect balance : a bit askew.

Now Diane’s sleeves are back on track (on-kilter 😉

Mary’s grand-puppy got into her knitting and chewed off the top of her knitting needle. He also got the yarn into a wicked tangle. Good thing she’s cute! Mary had 5, count them, 5 projects with her. I love that!
This is a one-skein shawl pattern by Clara Parkes knit in Artyarns, Silk Rhapsody yarn. It’s a a very simple shawl pattern where the yarn does the work. It looked even better in person.
We spent some time on her Be Sweet blanket knit in Be Sweet Bambino yarn. She was off a stitch and it threw things, yes, you guessed it, OFF-KILTER. That is my phrase for the day.
Mary brought out her Soft & Drapey shrug, knit in Cadiz, Artyarns Silk Pearl, and Artyarns Beaded Pearl & Sequins. I love the way the colors go together.
Mary is also working on the Fir Cone Scarf, in Artyarns Regal Silk. She’s doing a great job with her 2 lace projects.
This dress is going to be absolutely adorable. It’s definitely going on my queue for baby. The pattern is by Knitting Pure & Simple, #266 Little Girl’s Sundress. It’s worked from the top down. After working past where the armholes will be, it’s joined and knit in the round. Easy peasy.

Mary was wearing another Cocoon scarf, and was color coordinated with her knit cap below.
And Linda was working on the mattress stitch, seaming the baby sweater. She was NOT a happy camper. In her head she was figuring out how long all this was going to take her and hoping it would be ready in time to gift. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse 🙂 Finished picture to follow.