Hobby or Masochism?

There were old projects revisited. Robin pulled out the child’s poncho she started a while ago.
She’s testing a fingerless glove pattern for me using the Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk she had left over from her ruffled scarf.

Robin is almost done with her Infinity Cabled Cowl, knit in Rowan Lima.
Sunaina totally mastered the basket weave stitch and finished three wash clothes.
She began a scarf in basket weave that may not make it to it’s intended recipient.

Elizabeth has been revisiting the Noro Ribbed Jacket. It’s going to be amazing when it’s done if it doesn’t make her crazy first. Each ribbed section is knit with a different skein of Noro Silk Garden to get the variations in colors.
As a relief/portable project, she’s knitting a pair of mock cabled socks in Shibui Sock Yarn. I love how crisp the mock cables look in this yarn.
Linda got to try her hand at the mattress stitch for the first time. She didn’t realize how good she had it with the Wallaby’s with no seams. After the first couple of stitches, she realized how much sewing she had to do and declared that knitting might be a form of masochism what with the finishing and the ripping back of stitches. She thought we could call it Rip & Chat. I didn’t think that would sound very appealing.

She’s torn between persevering and finishing sewing the sweater together or giving it to the finisher at Knitting Central. She tried to get a village vote. It was a split decision. Next week we’ll know what she decided.
Sherry did an amazing job with this chevron blanket crocheted in Nuvola yarn. It’s really soft and warm!
She learned how to work front and back post double crochets to make crocheted basket weave.

So is it a hobby? a form of mashochism? or… a masochistic hobby? You decide.