Oh Joy!

The final count was just shy of 300 stitches. The lace bind off took an hour. An hour I tell you. The unblocked measurements were 42″ across the top. 19″ down the middle and 26″ along the sides.

I soaked it and blocked it to within an inch of it’s life. It was a knitting miracle to see the lace pattern come to life. This has really piqued my interest in lace.
The blocked measurements were 60″ across the top. 25″ down the middle and 38″ along the sides. That makes it larger than the official measurements of the Joy pattern and smaller than the Nellie shawl.
I am totally thrilled with the final result. I love my colors and the placement. The colorful fringe makes me happy.

I’m in the process of going through any lace patterns I have accumulated or have on ravelry and any lace yarn in my stash to knit another lace something. (And, I’m sure I’ll complain about purling back again – at least I’m consistent.