Who’s the favorite now?

Margarita was beginning the Ann Norling Pattern #64 “Top Down Poncho for Babies & Kids”. She’s knitting it in Blue Sky Organic Cotton. In preparation she did a mock circular swatch.

Michelle finished hers this past week, she knit hers in Impulso yarn. She might reknit the hood, she didn’t like how it had two points.

Diane finished her Mini Mochi hat in the autumn rainbow colorway.
Although she loves her hat, she’s decided that fingering is just too thin of a yarn to be fun.

Her next hat will be my Simple & Easy Hat pattern knit in Zara, a dk weight yarn.

She spent some time on the sleeves of her Blue Sky Family Pullover, knit in Rowan Lima.
Robin finished one baby sock. Yay! It is so darn cute!!! I love the different color heel/toe. No second sock syndrome – got to get you going on the second sock right away.
Mary finished this absolutely adorable baby set, the pattern is from Knitting Pure & Simple Baby Hat, Mitts & Booties.
Lois has been test knitting a new pattern for me for knitting hats flat. She liked it so much she knit a second. Both in Road to China.

There was an interesting discussion about who was the “fa

Linda came in with 2 finished sleeves and the fronts/backs completed. I had to teach her the 3 needle bind off. She called out “Nobody talk” – and you know, no one did. Not anyone at our table or anyone around us!

Robin: “Oh, I love the 3 needle bind off, that’s my favorite thing in knitting.”
~pause for Linda to take in the 3 needle bind off demonstration- insert a few expletives here~
Linda: “That is not fun or easy”
Robin: “Comparatively speaking, it’s easier than sewing”
Linda: “Well it’s not fun”.

Next time we’ll finish the shoulder tab and do buttonholes. That ought to be fun!