Just Imagin Knit

What do you do on a freezing cold, rainy day in Florida (yes, Florida)? You sit and knit and/or visit a yarn shop. We did both.

I used my handy dandy “find a yarn shop” application and found “Just Imaginknit” in Lake Worth, Florida.

We called for directions as we were leaving (because having 2 gps systems in hand just wasn’t enough for us). We had a moment of panic when we realized they closed at 3, not 4 and it was
1 pm when we were ready to set out.

The woman who answered the phone said, we’d love to see you and we close at 3. We told her we were on our way!

When we walked in, we were greeted warmly and must’ve looked like tourists, because they knew immediately we were the ones who called for directions.

The store was FANTASTIC. A great assortment of yarns, totally inspiring samples, and kind/funny/knowledgeable shop owners. Nancy and I began our survey of the store from different places. I never asked her what the method to her madness is. For me, I make a circuit of the shop, taking in all the different brands and collect skeins that interest me. On the second pass, I get more serious and think of projects and yardage.

Nancy became partial immediately to this red yarn by Aslan. I can’t remember which one it is (Nan, comment back if you please).
I was wavering between a blue (that of course leaned toward purple) skein of Sublime Extra Fine Merino and a teal skein of Berroco Touche . I did the same thing with these 2 skeins that Nancy did with the red yarn. I made it a game anyone in the store could play. The vote was split. I opted for the teal in a continued effort to expand my color palette, which right now is purple, purple or purple. I’m going to make the Bella Paquita by Marnie MacLean.
The other yarn I bought was a variegated purple sock yarn by Aslan, Sante Fe. I bought 2 skeins, this way I can make a neckwarmer, shoulder scarf, hat, etc.

I discovered this great sweater design by Skiff, called “Jess”. It’s knit in one piece and looks like the perfect “comfy” sweater. The sample was knit in linen. I could see having a summer version and a winter version.

It was an abolute highlight to our visit and a shop I’m sure we’ll return to.