Knitting Weather in Florida

I just got back from 4 days in Florida. The weather was the coldest they’ve had in 20 years. It was approximately 10 degrees or so warmer than here in CT. Since I was visiting my parents, and not going there for the weather, it was the source of many jokes and not a damper to the trip. Needless to say, my sister and I did A LOT of knitting.

In preparation for the trip, I, like many knitters spent more time planning my knitting projects than my clothes.
Here’s a look into my sister’s suitcase. She keeps clothes there, so she ONLY brought yarn.
I brought crocheted hats I’d been working on and off for a while and wanted to get them done and sent to their recipients. I disciplined myself and finished them first and mailed them off. Yay, me!

They are for the first sitter I had for my kids and hats for her children!
I love the Zecca button in the middle. The yarn is Cascade 128 superwash, a pleasure to work with. I used my Crocheted hat for Women pattern and then modified it for the kids. I’ll publish the kids version as soon as I type it all up.

I began Amigurumi toys for the baby. I’m making an apple with a worm inside it. The pieces of the apple are not as stiff as I’d like. I might try again with a smaller hook.

I also began the “Joy” shawl by Koigu. It’s part of the Charlotte’s daughter’s Shawl pattern. This is a class I’m teaching at Knitting Central
Nancy was on a mission and solely worked on the “Vivian” sweater by Ysolda Teague

from twist collective Winter 2008. She wanted my help for the yoke and saddle (sounds more like farming if you ask me). It’s nice to be needed.

I am totally impressed by this sweater. It is a work of art. In fact, I’d dedicating my next post to our exploits with regards to Vivian.