First Knitting of the New Year

Without much thought to fanfare or symbolism, the first project I picked up on January 1st was a baby sweater that I’ve been knitting (and subsequently finished). The pattern is a combination of Ann Norling’s pattern #29 and “I love you baby” by Knit One Crochet Too. I used adorable heart Zecca buttons. (The yarn is Torino Worsted.)
I read that people were making knitting related New Year’s resolutions. I can barely keep the regular reservations that I half-heartedly make. I found this napkin that I think reflects a more realistic view of New Year’s Resolutions.
I sewed the 2 piece soles onto the Prairie Boots I knit for one of the kids. She foolishly pointed out that the soles were crooked on the first boot (implying that I do them again). Silly girl. She was then given the choices of a. doing them herself, b. accept that mom’s sewing is and always will be crooked, c. wait for me to take them to a tailor.

We compromised, I redid the more crooked of the 2 pieces and focused a little harder on the second boot. She cheerfully accepted them. (Thatta girl, that’s what keeps you in knitted garments.)

I began testing knitting a new pattern of Danni’s, Cozy Mittens knit in Crystal Palace’s Mini Mochi. I really like how they are coming out. This is the same yarn I knit my entrelac shawl in.

I finished the fingerless glove pattern I’ve been working on.
Next up, some swatching for projects I want to start.