Pondering the Meaning of Life

Linda’s philosophical observation for the day had to do with the meaning of life. She thought about being an elementary school kid, then high school and college and and whether she could articulate the meaning of life. She realized as she contemplated all the highs and lows of the holidays and further pondered the meaning of life, that she couldn’t articulate it now either. This began a rather sleepless night, whereupon she ended up with the thought of whether or not there is a meaning of life.

Very deep stuff. I myself had trouble articulating the word articulate.

I loved Margarita’s answer to the meaning of life or how she chooses to live her life. She lives in the moment. Her example was that, as she sits and knits with us, she is so excited to be knitting and crocheting and is loving what she’s doing.

I’ll leave you with that to ponder and move onto the show and tell of the morning.

Diane is knitting a hat in Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, in the color Autumn Rainbow. This is really a fantastic colorway. It’s the same colorway I knit my entrelac shawl. The colors are so rich and vibrant. They really capture autumn for me.
Elizabeth finished her Quiviut Lace shawl. It was blocked and magnificent. Just indescribably luxurious in it’s softness, drape, and sheen. It’s a marvel to consider this yarn when you reflect on the appearance of the muskox the fiber comes from.

She had 2 skeins of Buffalo Gold and was contemplating what pattern to use, Ishbel or Entomology. We settled on Entomology from Knitty because it was a better use of the yardage.
She was also working on a terrific fat reversible cable. Awesome looking. She’s not going to have enough yarn for a scarf, so she’s going to make it into a neck warmer like the Infinity Cabled Cowl.
Lois finished the left front and back of the Minnow Knits China Doll sweater she’s knitting in Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal Tweed Aran.
Lois’ daughter Sarah began her first cabled scarf in Lima. She picked it up really fast and is nearly done.
Margarita brought several wonderful hats donated by someone for the Birthright program she participates in. The pattern is by Ann Norling.

She finished a diagonal scarf in Noro Silk Garden.
Margarita also knit another pair of fingerless gloves in Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk.

She brought in the book, One Skein, and began the Geometric Accessory bag in leftover Malabrigo Worsted yarn. I taught her the bobble stitch. It looks really cute.
Here is the front and back of Linda’s baby sweater, otherwise known as “Not Another Wallaby”. She’s onto the sleeves. I just want to point out that without trying, the stripes are lined up perfectly in this picture.