How Much Time is Mary Getting?

I have to begin the post with this little dog because Elizabeth outdid herself.

With pictures of her dogs for closer reference (notice the white spot on the chest and the ears have black mixed in), she is needle felting ornaments for her husband.
We decided there is the added benefit of getting your frustrations out in the process. This makes me want to break out my needle felting supplies and try my hand at making little needle felted renditions of my dogs. She did an awesome job, you can see the definition of their legs and muscles. Really cool.
When she’s not needle felting, she worked on this magnificent lace scarf in Buffalo Gold Lace yarn. The feel of this scarf in indescribably soft and luxurious. The picture doesn’t do her lacework justice. This happens with red yarns.
Robin needed a refresher of where she left off with the baby socks she’s knitting. She turned the heel and it’s very cute.
And now we have the new face (or lack there of) for pictures. I wanted Robin to model her finished Mac & Me Ruffle Scarf in Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk. We all admired the drape and shine of the silk. This may foster the beginning of several Ruffled Scarves. She is also sporting the cap of her Alma Mater. She is done with school and will graduate with a 3.999999999 🙂 GPA. Awesome Job Robin!

Robin had a knitting emergency while in Arizona recently. She finished the knitting on her scarf and forgot the pattern for her other project. She had to find a knitting store, because as she said “there was no way I was going to be able to sit around without something to knit”. She now feels like a “real” knitter. (We considered her a real knitter all along.)
Mary came with an agenda, much to Robin’s chagrin. She needed a little help with the finishing of the Spiral Hat knit with 2 skeins of Koigu. I think I may insert finishing pictures into the pattern or maybe a link. Although the finishing is not difficult, it seems as if it’s hard to visualize. One of her sons is going to get this hat.
She finished her crocheted flower scarf. She randomly put together different colors of cotton yarn.
OK, so this yarn, the cocoon yarn, really creeps me out when I look at it in the skein like this. An image comes to mind of fat creepy crawly worms huddled together and climbing about. I get the heebie jeebies just writng about it. Elaine commented that it reminds her of the “pigs in blankets”.

Mary is cranking out the scarves as gifts. At a recent visit to a Massachusetts yarn store, she had the privilege of showing off one of her scarves. Although they carried the yarn, they had never seen a finished scarf.
Mary finished the left front of an adorable baby sweater knit it sugar cane yarn. The idea of yarn made from sugar really got our imaginations going. In the end, we decided to call it a Christmas Miracle.
Mary also brought in the back of a cotton sweater coat she is knitting in Island Cotton. Unfortunately/fortunately, she started this sweater a while ago. She’s since lost a lot of weight and the sweater is about 3″ too big. We had a meeting of the minds and Elizabeth suggested she steek the side of the sweater and remove the 3″. Mary is an expert sewer so this represents a no brainer to her. For Michelle and I this sweater would’ve become a do-over. Once she steeks the sweater down to size, she can continue on with the armhole shaping. In the meantime, she can knit the rest of the pieces one size down. What a problem to have!

Janine made terrific progress on her Luba cabled scarf. This is a pattern that Cynthia at Knitting Central designed. It’s made up of a terrific fat cable and finished off with a toggle closure. The pattern is free with purchase of the yarn.
My darling daughter graciously modeled Michelle’s Double Wrap Cowl by Coco Knits. Otherwise we’d have another face-less photo. You can download the pattern for free here. Michelle knit hers with Lima. Robin and Mary are going to be knitting one of these.
Michelle went back to the cabled blanket she’s knitting for her grandson. It’s knit in 5 strips of 5 colors. We talked about whether she would sew the strips together with the mattress stitch of crochet them together. We haven’t reached a decision.
Elaine was in the process of finishing hats for her family. She’s going to see if she can stop by so I can get a picture. If not, hopefully she’ll take a picture of everyone in their hats. (HINT -HINT).

Have a Merry Christmas!