A Whole Lot of Knitting Going On!

I’m back! I’m finally able to emerge from my self induced holiday knitting hibernation. I actually made my deadlines (for the most part anyway).

The Lima Scarf for my Chiropractor I finished while in the parking lot of his office before my appointment. (No picture, I was in a hurry). The pattern is Palindrome and is available for free on Ravelry. 3 skeins got me a 6″ x 52″ scarf. I was on a 10 needle (remember I knit loosely).
I knit a cowl in Malabrigo worsted. The pattern is called Birthday Cowl and is also a free download on Ravelry.

I knit 2 pairs of fetching gloves as gifts. They are a great quick knit gift.

I crocheted bookmarks for the fantastic people I work with. I tried to match the color to their favorite color.

I designed a pair of fingerless gloves for Cynthia. The pattern is almost ready to share. I used Zara.
For the family, I knit 2 Spiral Hats, 2 pairs of Prairie Boots, and a Infinity Cabled Cowl,
Oh! My husband has figured out my crafty plan. Last year I gave him sock yarn (clearly implying that socks would be forthcoming). This year, I hadn’t finished the socks, so I wrapped them up still on the needles. He caught on, darn it, I had to finish them straight away. I almost was able to stretch this gift to his birthday.