Playing Catch up

We’d missed Diane and Mary for the past couple of weeks, so it was nice to catch up with each other’s project’s and lives and not necessarily in that order

Diane has put her Lima sweater in short-term parking and she’s going to start a hat for herself in the Mini Mochi yarn. She spent the morning working up gauges. Oddly enough she got a looser gauge as she went down needle sizes. I still haven’t figured out that one!

Lois did what I call a “healthy” gauge swatch for the Minnowknits, China Doll sweater she’s knitting in Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed. She tried several different needle sizes till she got gauge and was satisfied. I’m certainly satisfied as the designated swatch police.

Mary caught our attention right away wearing her cocoon scarf. It is really cool looking.

She said everywhere she goes people ask her to make them one!

She brought her spiral hat in with a few questions as how to measure and finish it. Her main question was how to measure the length.
I’ve gotten this question several times, so I took a picture of it with the measuring tape to show that you measure it along the brim edge. I love the color of Koigu she chose.

Mary swatched in the Arucania Ruca for this adorable baby sweater. The book is also by Arucania.

Having been away for a couple of weeks there was “damage control” on a couple of knits to retrieve dropped stitches. This is her Soft & Drapey Shrug knit in Cadiz as the main yarn and she’s alternating the same color of Artyarns, but one stripe is Silk Pearl and one stripe is Beaded Pearl & Sequins. Beautiful!
Her linked crocheted flower scarf is coming along nicely and is a great way to use all her different colors of cotton yarn.
Margarita finished her Malabrigo basic cowl within the week. She loves how it keeps her neck warm. She started a Simple & Easy Hat to match. There may even be enough yarn for fingerless gloves.
I finished sewing the buttons onto Michelle’s crocheted notions bags. (We bartered. I sewed for her and she’s testing a pattern for me – it’s all good!) She’s giving them as holiday gifts. The Moving Mud buttons are an outstanding accent.
Speaking of which, here’s the sample square for her hat (pattern in progress). She’s using Misti Alpaca Chunky as the variegated yarn and Torino Bulky as the solid.
Oh! And here’s Margarita’s diagonal Silk Garden scarf. She’s past the halfway mark and I expect will be done with it by next week.

There was a whole lot of knitting (and crocheting) going on!