The Holiday Countdown Begins

Just as I was feeling remotely confident about finishing my planned holiday gifts, I decided to add one more. Gluten for punishment or making unreasonable goals or placing myself under undue pressure???? All of the above it seems!

Every year we go to a friend’s holiday party and bring a gift. After first bringing ornaments for a couple of years, I switched to holiday entertainment pieces. This year I just can’t bring myself to buy her more holiday chatkes (stuff). So I had an aha moment, I would knit her my Starry Lace Scarf in Artyarns Silk Pearl. And yes, there was a little voice in my head saying, “WHAT?? are you crazy??”

I’m bored with my holiday knitting and am looking for valid procrastination projects. I sent a picture text to my daughter and my friend’s daughter for a color check.
While waiting, I asked the input from other shoppers. The red was the unanimous chose both literally and virtually.

So my husband’s “Cinderfella Socks” will go on the back burner.

The hard part is done, I’m past the gusset/heel (which took several trying on’s – thus the “Cinderfella” name).

I made these slipper boots for one of my daughter’s last year.

Now, the other 2 want the same exact thing, color and everything. I didn’t love this the first time. And yes, I’ve had a year to work on this. Oh well, to coin a phrase of my sister’s with regards to gifts, “With Lateness, there is Greatness”. Works for me!

On top of this, 2 of my kids called me with knitting requests. One was if I happened to have a ready knit scarf that I hadn’t given to anyone that she could give to her Secret Santa. Me, of 11th hour fame, have a ready made spare scarf. Seriously?

Then my oldest called to say her girlfriend admired the hat/gloves I designed/knit for her and could I make a set for her. Now flattery goes a long way, and I’ve been granted an extension to January, should I decide to take on this mission.

The reason I consider these outlandish deadlines and requests…
Moments like this.