Infinity Cabled Cowl

After 58 stitches of Kitchener, I completed the Infinity Cabled Cowl by Dina Mor. I brought it in for show and tell today at Knitting Central. In showing it to staff and customers, I kept trying it on and after a while I just got comfortable wearing it. (It’s actually not for me it’s a gift for one of my daughters.)
The pattern requires 400 yards of worsted weight yarn. Because Torino has 94 yards, I used 5 colors or 470 yards. I expected to come out longer than the store sample that was made with 400 yards (4 skeins) of Lobster Pot Cashmere.

It turned out to be approximately the same length. It’s like a weird yarn magic trick. I know that some dyes can weigh more so that balls of the same yarn can weigh the same and have slightly different yardage. The lobster pot scarf averaged 11″ sections. On my cowl, the cream section was the longest at 10″ and the black section the shortest at 8.5″. The other colors averaged closer to 9″. Very interesting!

After talking with a customer who finished her Lobster Pot Cowl, I decided not to knit it on a bigger needle than it calls for. I was considering it because I wanted it to fall a bit looser around the neck. She soaked hers in (cool) water, gently squished out the excess and then stretched it out on her swift. Ingenious. Since cashmere does stretch some, I’m going to knit it as it was written and block it out the same way.