Great Expectations

Things kicked up a notch when Linda arrived. She told us that getting to knitting this morning was like being in a video game with all kinds of obstacles thrown in her path. By the end of the drive, she wanted to get out a controller and blast them.

3 out of her 5 grandkids came in for Thanksgiving and she’s going to forward a picture to me for the blog. We were all a little disappointed that all 5 kids weren’t there for her, she worked so hard. Maybe we can photoshop the other kids into the picture. At any rate, they are done and she’s now started a very simple, knit flat, baby sweater. I’m going to de-program her from her Wallaby state of mind. I think it’s going to be harder than I think. I got to change her ingrained thought patterns!
Michelle brought in her finished Infinity Cabled Cowl knit in Lima. It is outstanding! The colors, the texture of the yarn, and the big fat cables make it truly special. She made it as a gift, I wouldn’t be surprised if she made one for herself too.
She finished an adorable cotton baby sweater for her grandaughter. I sewed the buttons on because she totally hates sewing. We’re bartering …

She’s test knitting a new hat design that combines knitting and crochet. She learned the sliding loop quickly and her crochet knowledge was creeping back into her consciousness!

Janine finished a Lobster Pot one skein scarf, this pink is even more beautiful knit up than it was in the skein. She commented how the one in the store looked different and I explained how cashmere blooms with wash and develops a soft halo. Janine is going to wash it before giving it as a gift. She started a purple scarf for herself and is loving it.
She finished her son’s Flap Happy Hat knit in Cascade 128 superwash, complete with pom-poms. I like the added touch of the pom-poms on the i-cords. That was her son’s idea.
Margarita started 2 new projects today. One was a stockinette neckwarmer knit in Malabrigo worsted. The second was a diagonal scarf knit in Noro Silk Garden. She was completely happy with both, loved the yarns, loved the patterns. A very happy camper. I love when that happens.
I was inspired by Michelle’s completed Infinity Cabled Cowl and came home and finished the one I’m knitting for my daughter. I’ve pinned it and am blocking it overnight. In the morning I’m going to work the Kitchener Stitch instead of a 3-needle bind off. I may have to take her neckwarmer for a spin tomorrow! I used Tahki Torino Worsted.

Now that I’ve seen several completed Infinity Cabled Cowls I really really really want to start mine. I have 4 skeins of lobster pot sitting by my chair calling out to me. However, on the other side of the chair are my holiday projects and they are yelling at me.