Mish Mash

Today ended up being a day off. Even though it’s the day before Thanksgiving, other than some early morning shopping, I had no commitments. It was a nice feeling. After food shopping (at 7am!) I sat and knit and listened to “The Help” on book tape for a while.

Later, I sorted out all the different projects or project wannabees lying around. Anything on or near hooks and needles got counted. Well, only the surface stuff anyway. In a fit of organization, I wrote this all down.

I started a cowl in Malabrigo Worsted that is a gift for the holidays. It’s a 2 row pattern I found on Ravelry, called the “Birthday Cowl” and I like how it’s turning out. It may be a do over.

I also needed a project that was suitable for movie knitting. The girls and I went to see New Moon and it’s a long movie. I decided to design a simple baby sweater for a gift for my favorite little baby girl. She was visiting today and while we were playing I measured her chest and then she played with the tape measure.

I’m using Tahki Torino, one of my favorite yarns.

These are both good “company” knitting projects.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!