The Knitting is Done!

Yay! I have finished the knitting on my Ritratto sweater. I don’t think I’ve worked this much on one project at a time since I made my dh a sweater a million years ago when we were newlyweds. I was racing to finish it for his birthday. As it was, my sister, finished the neckline while we were out to dinner.

This Lace V-Neck Cardigan by Sylvia Raider was featured in S. Charles Collezione Fall/Winter 2008 booklet. I knit it with Kamelsoft and Ritratto.
It had sat in long-term parking this past Spring/Summer and I dutifully took it out of parking this fall to finish it.
There a lot of finishing to this sweater (hear comes the rationalization). Left to my own devices, I will procrastinate finishing it and I would really like to wear it this holiday season. I don’t really enjoy finishing period. We are lucky to have a fantastic finisher at Knitting Central. I am going to indulge (tis the season) in this service because I know she will do a far superior job than I will do and just as importantly, it will get done, THIS YEAR. Otherwise, it could go into hibernation for finishing along. Not to mention the fact that it will take time away from finishing holiday gifts. (Do I need to rationalize anymore? No? Good!)

Happily I can now go off and knit on different things at once which suits my attention level just fine.