Where am I?

The common ground seemed to be “where am I” at Friday’s stitch and chat.

Lois’ shrug is moving along beautifully. She’s going to have to be careful when she’s finished or this shrug might end up in someone else’s knitting bag. Lima yarn is just gorgeous. I finally started a gift scarf in it after several attempts at different pattern stitches.
Danielle came today wearing her “All about the button” scarf. This is a super quick knit in bulky yarn. The button is from Moving Mud and is an outstanding accent. (The pattern is a free download on ravelry.)
Danielle is starting another Flap Happy Hat, this time in Nuvola yarn by Lana Grasso. It is super soft and has great yardage at 160 yards.
Danielle used yarn leftover from an adorable baby dress she knit as a gift and knit up a matching Flap Happy Hat.
Janine joined us today. She was one of my students at Knit Together, way back when, and was probably one of the first to knit up a Flap Happy Hat. She’s knitting hers in Cascade 128 super wash.
Robin got stuck on her sock, and didn’t know where she was or where she was going. After unknitting a stitch or two, we realized she only had one more row before beginning the heel flap. She had put the sock down in favor of working on her Alpaca & Silk ruffled scarf.
She’s got one (long) side left of ruffles to work. She said it took her several hours to bind off the other long side, which she found understandably tiresome. If it was me, that would’ve taken me a week. I’d probably keep setting it down to work on something where the progress was more evident. At any rate, everyone “ooohd” and “ahhhd” in all the right places.

Between the shrug, the ruffled scarf, and the wallaby, Danielle felt inundated with projects. Well, actually inundated with the thought of all the projects she’d like to do. This was likened to the “1000 things to do before you die – list”. I remarked that I thought it was only 100. Lois aptly pointed out, that either way, it’s a lot. I have a hard enough time with the amount of projects I either want to do, are in the midst of, or want to start – let alone a list of that nature.

Janine upon seeing all of Robin’s knits, commented that Robin was a good knitter. To which Robin said “I don’t knit enough”. Janine had the best comeback of the day with, “You say that like you don’t eat enough vegetables”. I love that.
And yes, Linda is well under way for the 5th and final Wallaby. The pressure’s on and I told her I would help her meet the deadline if need be. She needed a safety net. I have this vision of all of us doing some part of the Wallaby (which won’t really work because it’s knit in one piece, though it’s a nice thought).