The Joy of the Stash

Stash yarn = yarn bought for projects and not knit/crocheted yet, projects in progress, random yarn bought because it was purple (insert favorite color here), and leftover yarn from completed projects.

Like spring cleaning in your house, at the onset of fall and spring, I take stock, literally. Sometimes I’m reminded of why I fell in love with a yarn/pattern. Sometimes I say to myself “What were you thinking”.

Then there are times, when I need yarn to make something super quick and it’s after store hours. That’s when I am truly grateful for my stash.

I wanted to make a hat for baby and have it completed so that my daughter could bring it with her when she visited the baby. This was Friday and she visits baby today. I am definitely and 11th hour person, planning does not seem to be my strong suit.

This hat comes fast on the heels (ears) of the last Flap Happy Hat I knit for her that was just about too small.
Happily I had enough yarn leftover from when Thing #1 knit her own Flap Happy Hat in Torino Bulky and in perfect colors.
I had to mix up the depth of my stripes to account for varying levels of yardage. The end result, a completed hat in time and I used up that stash. That is a totally cleansing feeling. I think she must’ve just awakened, otherwise, she’d be a lot happier about her new hat.
Then, in reading my friend’s blog I learned that she was looking for a specific color of Zara:
“Hubby’s Sweater : I’ve decided that substituting light charcoal 1468 for my original dark charcoal 1469 is unacceptable. I decided I at least had to make an effort to get the right color, even in a different dye lot, before I used the wrong color.”

Well, in searching my stash for something else, I learned I had that color. I will be playing the part of the yarn fairy and making her yarn wishes come true. 🙂