Signature Stilettos

Yes, there are sexy knitting needles. How’s that for an opener? I’m sure my dh will have a comment for that one.

I’m talking about Signature Stiletto knitting needles, specifically the double pointed needles. Although I’ve never avoided knitting with double pointed needles, I’ve never particularly enjoyed it. Originally I asked Cynthia, at Knitting Central, to get them because I tend to snap size 0 and 1 wood dpns. She reminded me yesterday that she only got them because of me (Yay and thank you). Now we’re both believers.

Let me tell you, with the stiletto dpns I look forward to knitting with dpns. Right now I’ve got 2 projects on them, Knit One Below “Seeing Double Gauntlets”
Fetching Fingerless Gloves

Now, I had an abundance of #3 dpns for the Fetching Gloves, but I knew the experience would be unsatisfying. The only phrase that come to mind is “clod-hopping”. Which looks much weirder written than it did in my head. The points on the Stilettos is so awesome, that it makes getting into the stitches a cinch. They are a must (in my opinion for the smaller Knit One Below projects). I breezed through one fetching glove in an evening of mindless TV, except the thumb.

Signature Needles are “hand-crafted, hand-polished”, and made in the USA. They are pricey and well worth it. When you buy your first set, it’s a luxury and bought with a deep breath. After knitting with that first set, it becomes a serious addition to the tools of the trade. They have a full line of straight knitting needles, however, I only use circulars.

A verified rumor is that they are coming out with circular needles. THAT, is exciting. I love my lace addi’s, so this will be a side by side consumer test – like the blind folded Coke/Pepsi tests a million years ago. Although a blind folded pointy knitting needle test has it’s obvious drawbacks.

Okay, enough chatter, I want to finish that fetching thumb and get going on the next. The holiday knitting list beckons.

For more information on the Signature Needle Arts collections, click here. To purchase them, click here.