Mini Mochi

Laura brought in her Crystal Palace Mini Mochi Springy Ring Mittens (free pattern). They are so cute and happy.
She’s also knitting the Fair Isle Hat (another free pattern) with color 107, Autumn Rainbow. She’s working it with 2 balls of the same colorway. It is totally awesome. I want Laura to teach me Fair Isle using both hands. If you click here you can see swatches of the Mini Mochi yarn
Autumn Rainbow is the same color I’m using to knit my entrelac Dianna Shawl. Which by the way is on it’s last full row of entrelac before the finishing row. Then with any luck, I’ll have enough yarn left to crochet a border.
Here’s another view of Autumn Rainbow. Below are nature’s version of Autumn Rainbow. This is a great yarn to work with, lots of free patterns and vibrant colorways to choose from.