Oh the tangled web we weave

Today I came across a rogue skein of yarn that DID NOT play nicely with the swift and ball winder. Unfortunately it was a very long skein of yarn, 1400 yards of lace weight yarn to be exact, so it was a very long game.

What do you do when bad things happen to good yarn? These random things happen to skeins of yarn. In the ensuing detangling different reactions emerge. Where do you fit in?

Do you have absolutely no patience from the get go when you first discover the skein is not going to wind nicely? Would you walk away?

Do you pick at it for a while and then throw up your hands in despair? Would you look around beseechingly for someone to take pity on you and take over?

Do you slowly weave it in and out of the tangle until it sorts itself out? Would you consider yourself in a game of wits (so to speak) with the yarn and be in it to the bitter end?

Personally I fall into the last category. It doesn’t stress me out, I consider it a zen activity and keep at it until I get the job done. When I see someone struggling with a tangle I want to take over, it makes me crazy to watch someone else work on it (it’s a knee jerk reaction that somehow I could do it better). Sometimes, like today, it became a team effort. In the end, we won.

I once came across an essay of sorts that described the different ways people react to a tangle – be it string, yarn, or jewelry. The analogy had something to do with how people handle problems in their life. Unfortunately I can’t find the article. I’m sure I kept it, it’s just that I put it in one of those #$%&*( safe places that you can never find again. Considering my track record, in plain sight would ensure the safest bet of finding something.

I’d love to hear how you hand tangles…..