Sunday at Rhinebeck

Well, we lucked out weather wise on Saturday, that’s for sure. Although it was chilly, it was quite manageable. Sunday we woke up to cold, windy and drizzly. Thank goodness for all those knitted layers and accessories. We put on all our knitting finery and off we went.
We didn’t get to the festival until 11am, an hour after it opened. Imagine our surprise that we were parked within clear sight of the entrance. Yesterday we parked in the back 40.

Our first stop was for cinnamon buns for breakfast! There were people already eating chicken pot pies. We thought about it briefly and just didn’t think it was the right 2nd course to cinnamon buns.

We revisited Brooks Farms, Nancy really loves their yarns. She picked up a big skein of a subtly variegated yarn to make a matching hat/neck warmer. We decided matching (not to each
other) is on the agenda for next year.

We had an opportunity to knit on the world’s largest sock. The sock was started at the Sock Summit this past summer.

Next we visited the more animals.
This little guy was having a “bad horn day” and didn’t look too happy about it.

These two were adorable. Every time I asked if it was ok to pet one of the animals, I was quickly told, pet the neck, they are “mouth shy”, or some such thing.
Here are two Suri Alpacas, we were told their hair is more stringy. Shampoo? Conditioner? Detangler?

Great Faces!

I love this picture, looks like they are sharing little Alpaca secrets!

At the DyeDreams booth, we took turns trying on the
“Harmonia’s Rings”. It came as a kit and I bought it in
the color red you see here. (The kit came in a nifty
purple bag, that was bonus!)

It was around this time that my DH called and suggested I buy my birthday present while I’m at Rhinebeck. Well, I wasted no time and literally within minutes found the perfect yarn to make The Courtney Corset Top by Robyn Chachula featured in her book, Blueprint Crochet.

Yeah, I know it’s purple, no surprise there. I did buy red before though!

Here is an obligatory foliage picture. The leaves were still beautiful despite the weather. We closed the weekend with Chai Lattes and baked goods for the road.