Crocheted Bootie Class

Last night I taught a class at Knitting Central on Crocheted Baby Booties. They work up really quickly and make a great gift. The pattern will be available shortly.
I had 3 ladies in my class and everyone walked away with a finished bootie. Ann crocheted hers in Tahki Zara which (and I quote) “feels like butter”.
Mary H. crochted hers in Baby Bunny, a blend of Cotton, Modal, and Angora. This yarn felts AMAZING worked up. Not only that, it’s machine wash/tumble dry! I definitely want to make something in this yarn, it is incredibly soft.
Mary S. crochted hers in Sublime Baby Kapok (a cotton). Mary (and I) crochet loosely. Mary, even looser than me. I crocheted mine with an F hook. Mary started with an F, then went to an E, then back to the F. Well, she ended up with a bootie for a very large baby foot. Going forward she’s going to have to start her foundation row with an F, then switch to E for a few rounds, then go down to a D for the remainder. She just got looser as she went along (that just doesn’t sound right!).
She also brought in the finished garter. After trying different beads and ribbons, here is the final garter. It looks wonderful. We reminded her that she has 3 other sons and potential daughter-in-laws. Maybe she should get them started….