Quartz Duster

Daughter #1 tried on the duster vest.
The village assured her it looked good and she picked out the silvery grey color of Quartz.

The shaping is done with different needle sizes and I’m swatching and still not sure which needle I want to start with. Well, actually I swatched and started and am not convinced I on the right needle. I knit loosely and the pattern calls for starting on a #10 and 14 sts to 4″. I was getting 16 sts to 4″ on a #10 and it seemed loose already. Very contrary for me to need to go up a needle size. I may be forced to swatch all over again. It’s knit all in one piece and the last thing I want to do is get into it and have it too small. O.K. I’ve talked myself into swatching again.