Knitting in the Dark

So my dh surprised me with a mystery date AND he said I was allowed to bring my knitting. I figured if he planned the date, the least I could do was considerate about whether or not to knit.

The date was an outdoor concert to hear Don McClean play. One of my all time favorite songs is “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”. When I was a kid the dj actually played it 2x in a row!!!

I happily knit my Juliet Sweater, which was still in the garter section, well past twilight and into the dark. I was a happy camper. Then, I zigged when I should’ve zagged and I felt some stitches slip off the needle. SH#$%T. There are no lights and the stage lights were way too far away to be helpful.
Then I remember the “silly” application Thing 2 recommended I get because it was cool. The Flashlight Application. You know what, I did feel cool, I pulled it out, flashed it on my knitting and put back the stitches. Crisis averted! I continued to knit on into the night.

And Don McClean sang “Bye Bye Miss American Pie” 1 1/2 times! It was great!