She’s a Social Sneezer

The ladies brought in lots to show and tell. Amazing vacation knitting!

Michelle finished her Artful Elegance Afghan from Lion Brand. It’s a blanket to stay at her house for the grand kids. She knit it in Berroco Comfort Worsted.
She began the first panel in the Paneled Lace Afghan from Creative Knitting July 2009. The yarn is Berroco Comfort Worsted. It’s showing the lace pattern nicely.

Michelle worked on the short row sleeves in her Sine-Cosine shell, knit in Quartz.

Diane spent her vacation at a cottage in Canada and WOW did she knit a lot! She’s a third of the way through a cabled afghan knit in Tahki Torino.
Here is a scarf she knit in Artyarns Silk Rhapsody. The pattern really shows off the nuance of the colors in the yarn.
Diane’s first Soft & Drapey Shrug is nearing completion. She learned the mattress stitch and sewed the sleeve seams. Then she learned how to do the single crochet edging. The yarns are Quartz and Silk Pearl.
She’s making a second Soft & Drapey shrug out of Soft Kid and Semana. Completely different look. Very soft and subte.
Mary “gave” the garter to her soon to be daughter-in-law and she loved it. After trying it on her, she thought she needed 2 more leaves. We vetoed that, it would’ve been way too big. I shared Cynthia’s comment last week. Mary is going to play around with the blue ribbon vs. the white flowered ribbon and possibly adding beads. We were all glad she didn’t have to go soliciting for a leg model this time.
Lois is learning how to read her stitches so she doesn’t create ribbing in her seed st. I do that all the time and end up with random acts of ribbing. She just came back to knitting a couple of weeks ago.
I think one more skein and I’ll be at the right spot to start the bodice. This is a good thing, for as much as I like a mindless knit, this Lasso yarn is not playing nicely, it snags a lot. Plus knitting the front and back at the same time makes it seem like it’s taking a LONG time.
Linda likes the white stripe on the sleeve. Not only does it make her feel the connection to her mother, it looks good too. She got waylaid by a dropped stitch and didn’t get as far as she would’ve liked.

I took multi-tasking to a new level.