I’m alright

Mary was back from Vermont where she took an intensive crochet class with Barbara Kerr at the Fletcher Farm. The class was 2 1/2 days and covered broomstick lace, hairpin lace, flowers, embroidery, cord st, a loopy st, and Solomon’s knot (to name a few).
This is a market bag that Mary started using a new yarn from Mango Moon. The base is a spiral and then the rest of the bag will be crocheted using Solomon’s knots. It looked so cool and the texture was really interesting.
They also made buttons. The button on the left was worked over a real button. The button on the right was worked over a plastic ring.

This is an example of Tunisian Crochet.

Mary got turned around on the garter she’s knitting for her future daughter-in-law. No pressure, the shower is this weekend. Everytime she worked on it, the stitch count was off and the leaf flipped to the wrong side of the garter. It turned out she wasn’t increasing properly. She pulled a “Mary improv”. With that remedied, she has 3 more leaves to do and then she’ll be ready to finish it off with beads and/or ribbon. The gopher dance from Caddyshack was called for!

Thing 2 told me she’s changing into a nerd this summer. Note the Vulcan sign.