Cute as a Bug’s Ear

Jenny, the bear, is back with all her loot. Elizabeth participated in a bear swap on Ravelry. The bears would travel from person to person and would receive token gifts and there would be a journal entry about each visit. She hasn’t read the journal (passport in this case). Jenny brought back postcards, key chains, stickers, and someone knit her a hat to fit over her head and allow for the ears! Very clever.
Elizabeth’s dragon continues to take shape, you can totally see the outline of the tail. When she bought the kit for the Heere Be Dragone Shawl by Sharon Winsauer, she wasn’t sure how she’d feel about lace (talk about jumping in with both feet). Now she finds that she’s really enjoying lace work. You’re doing a marvelous job too.

We finished Robin’s teddy bear’s dress. It looks very cute. Next week the bear gets a face!
Drum roll please, Linda has finished her second Wallaby. From now on there will only be one Wallaby in the works at at time. It was getting way too confusing jumping back and forth between different Wallabys. (there must be a play on words somewhere in there)
Now Linda is going to knit a Soft and Drapey Shrug in Leona and Bonsai. While beginning the swatch, Linda got momentarily off track and uttered a bit of profanity.

Elizabeth commented that “she didn’t expect such a potty mouth of Linda”. Elizabeth went on to clarify that “who would’ve thought that a grandmother who knits Wallabies for her grandchildren could curse like a sailor”. Linda redeemed herself by later using the expression “cute as a bug’s ear”. (now there’s an expression I’d love to know the origins of)