On my Hooks & Needles

I “tried” to organize what I have literally on hooks or needles. I was starting to feel a little out of control. It’s not a wonder it takes me a while to finish things. I can’t help it though. (Truth be told, I really don’t want to help it.) I love starting new projects.

OK, so here’s the shocking truths:

Flaphappy hats as a baby gift. Knit in Plymouth Jelli Beenz.

“Juliet” Cardigan by Debbie Bliss. Knit in garter up to the bodice, this is intended to be me “mindless”, can hold a conversation project. The yarn is Colinette Lasso and while I love the color, Blue Saturn, the yarn is annoying to knit with. I’m going to continue though because I think it will look nice in the pattern.

Crocheted Bootie for upcoming class at Knitting Central.
Crocheted Vest design in progress. Knit in a combination of Tahki Cotton Classic and Aslan Pima Classico.

I also want to start a Baby Dress for a dear baby before she outgrows the size I have the yarn for AND there’s a summer sweater I’ve hibernated 2 years in a row and really want to finish this year. I feel like I’m forgetting something(s), that must be because I have so much in progress.

Yikes! I feel a systematic clearing of the decks coming on.