Cinerella’s Bootie

Cinderella’s bootie fit! Yay! The bootie is a design I’ve been working on for an upcoming class at Knitting Central.
Somehow in taking out a few stitches in her Soft & Drapey shrug, Diane got really twisted around. She’s knitting it in Tahki Quartz & Berroco Bonsai
Diane is working on the Misti Alpaca Softest Chunky Throw #909. She’s knitting it in Torino Bulky yarn. Two of the rows were off in the pattern.
Row 2 should be: k2, p1, k2, p8
Row 3, the repeat should end with a k1, the last repeat ending with k2 (before the k1).
I taught her how to read her stitches and that was much easier than looking back and forth at the pattern.
Robin and I are in the midst of designing a dress for her teddy bear. It’s a little snugger than I intended. The ruffle came out cute though. Next time we’ll work the neckline and the straps. 🙂 Looks more like a girdle.
Angela lost her place in her knitting. She’s onto the sleeves of her Rowan Lupin sweater from magazine #41. Once she finishes the sleeves, she’ll be able to finish it and add the loopy border. Hopefully she’ll take to it better than Michelle. (Michelle’s Lupin sweater has been hibernating because of the loopy border).