Wayward Garter

Mary somehow flipped her right side and wrong side and the leaves were cropping up on the opposite side. We figured out that she must be omitting 1 row when she finishes a repeat. We could’ve left it and considered it a design element.
Here is Mary’s soon to be felted bag aka a dress. Knit in purple variegated Manos. As soon as she knits the straps, she’ll be ready to felt it.
So here we have a collection of Tunisian Crochet Hooks. Mary ordered them for a Crochet Extravaganza class she’s taking at Fletcher Farm in Vermont. I love Mary, she doesn’t know why she bought so many or how she found the company, where she ordered them from.

Michelle took Mary’s bear to rework the head. It’s a fair trade for acts of random sewing that Mary does for Michelle. Mary commented that every week I tell her to “put it away, don’t touch it, and does she have anything else to work on.” 🙂 Robin & Mary have not really enjoyed knitting the bear and Michelle is making another one. I might be needing to make one for a gift.

Dianne is just over halfway done with her Soft & Drapey Shrug. She started her bulky afghan and completed the bottom border. Onto the cables.