Sisterhood of the travelling cousins

I spent the weekend with family, split between 2 family parties.

My sister and I snuck upstairs to have a knitting consult on a couple of projects. She shamelessly trying to get me to do the 3 needle bind off on a sweater she’s tech knitting for me. Originally she wanted me to block it too, but that brought the issue of transporting a lace sweater “mid-block”.
Later on in the day, when I brought out my knitting (I’ve started my Knitting Central Soft & Drapey Shrug in Quartz and Bonsai), one of my cousins wanted a refresher course. I was only too happy to oblige, plus I had spare yarn in the car from the day my nieces joined me at Stitch and Chat.
My cousin Leslie remember everything right away. She picked up on the long-tail cast on. Remembered the knit stitch and quickly caught on to purl.
My cousin Rinda has had a scarf in progress for a while and it’s hibernating for various reasons. We got more knitting going, because she wanted to make sure she was doing it the right way.

Leslie was working with worsted yarn, Rinda with bulky. They switched yarns and Leslie was amazed at how fast it went and the difference in gauge between herself and Rinda (tight vs. loose).

We were really enjoying ourselves and it was funny how the men in our family responded. One likened us to “old women”, one cackled at us as if we were a hen party, and there was gentle mocking. We reminded them the not too subtle danger is taunting 4 women with sharp pointy sticks in hand.

I loved Rinda’s reaction when she saw Nancy’s lace sweater, knit in the round. That blew her mind. Then there was her reaction to my purling continental and changing yarns.

It was a wonderful feeling to sit and knit with family like that.