What a Day!

Wow! What a morning! I loved it.
Diane arrived first and brought her Soft & Drapey Shrug from Knitting Central (knit in Tahki Quartz and Artyarns Silk Pearl). She knit on the purl side and visa versa. In the process, gained 2 sts and lost 2 sts. Which in normal math would work out even. I took it back a couple of rows and she was back on track.
She finished her Be Sweet Magic Ball Scarf. The varied textures make it so much fun to work with.
Lenore stopped by with a Leaf Yoke Top from Knit.1 Magazine. It’s knit in Tahki Cotton Classic. After knitting the yoke, she had to work short rows and join in the round.
Danielle was able to get a sitter and we were so happy to see her! She stopped by Knitting Central last week to learn how to use double pointed needles (once & for all). The pattern is from the One Skein book and is for sachets, the yarn is Koigu PPPM. She brought the finished sachets in today. Success! Outstanding. Hats are going to be so much easier now.
She brought in a baby sweater from Knitty that includes a sampling of Intarsia. She learned quickly and got through a couple of rows before having to leave. Just remember, only a few rows and the rest is basic stockinette.
Michelle stopped by with the beginnings of Christine’s Scarf by Lynn Wilson. She’s knitting it in Aslan Pima Classico, it’s a gift for a friend of her son’s. Michelle’s generosity knows no bounds.
I brought Michelle her Artyarn Pearl Rhapsody and Beaded Pearl and Sequin yarn. It’s for a winter version of the Soft & Drapey Shrug. You should’ve seen Elizabeth’s face when she saw the yarn. It’s the same exact color/yarn she would like to knit hers in. There was a big debate as to whether the beads & sequin made it to sparkly or too much. The village voted that the yarns complemented each other really well. We’re having another summit next week. This is a big decision. In the end, Michelle was lucky to leave with her yarn. Elizabeth really wanted it!

When Robin checked in to find out how Michelle was doing with her bear, she was not a happy camper to learn that she was nearly done. I think the words “I hate her” might have been uttered. Remember, it’s not a competition.

Robin was working on the Love it Sampler by Lynn Wilson. The baby it’s for was born this week. Congratulations! She wants to finish it before she visits the baby for the first time.
Elizabeth worked up more of the dragon shawl. It no long resembles a thong. She researched a couple more names for the dragon: Tabitha, Gwynia, and Scarlet. Her husband liked the name Scarlet and has since been referring to the shawl as such. Danielle felt it reminded her of the Scarlet Letter and I thought of Scarlet from Gone with the Wind. I’m more partial to Tabitha or Gwynia.
She got up to the heel on the Eyelet Lace socks she’s tech knitting for me. I love how it looks, next week we’re going to work on the heel together and get it straightened out.

She found a really pretty scarf pattern from mimknits, the flutter scarf. She’s going to knit it in a skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock that is “too pretty for socks”.
Angela brought her Rowan “Lupin” sweater. She’s knitting it in Rowan Cotton Glace. While we were together she finished the left front. She’s already started the right front and was quite happy to realize that she’s more than halfway done.

Linda was working on the split in the neckline for her Wallaby. She got into an animated conversation when it dawned on her she wasn’t paying attention to her knitting. That earned us a pretty phrase. Luckily she stopped in time and hadn’t made a mistake. I gave her a choice, put down her knitting and finish her story or keep knitting and finish the story later.

All in all it was full of projects, chatter, and networking.