Bring a baby to knit day

Linda finished her first Flaphappy hat and this baby was gracious enough to model it. She looks like Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Suess!
Last week when Diane visiting Knitting Central, she caught sight of Be Sweet Yarn and was totally taken with it. She’s knitting a scarf in the Magic Ball. It’s a fun, mindless scarf where the yarn textures change on their own.
Diane started her Knitting Central shrug. She’s knitting it in Quartz and Silk Pearl. The color play is beautiful! I am constantly inspired by what people are knitting around me.
Mary brought in a picture last week of a buttoned wrap (for me to design a pattern for). Michelle liked it so much that she has been swatching yarn to mimic to texture. The yarn above is Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton. The village voted and the yarn needs to be thinner. Back to swatching.

Michelle’s teddy bear is coming out great, she’s onto the arms. It looks like an amigurumi creature to me.
Here is an example of multi-tasking at it’s finest. Michelle is “rocking” the stroller while knitting. Don’t try this at home, she is a professional.