Plain Vanilla

One of my daughters recently lamented that I never make her anything. Isn’t it a wonderful skill to be able to in one moment categorically state that you don’t want anything hand knit (by mom) and then the next moment state with the same intensity that you never get anything.

Truth be told, I was delighted to be able to knit something for her. She came to the store and I showed her the Knitting Central Pashmina Shrug (and no, she wasn’t getting Pashmina). She liked it and wanted it in white. The design calls for a contrast yarn. My dear girl wanted plain vanilla. 47” of plain vanilla stockinette. You see, without knowing it, she figured out a way to drive me just a little crazy.

Thank goodness for the movies. We went to see Star Trek one weekend and The Hangover next weekend. Plain vanilla stockinette is doable in a movie theater and it was a great way to break up the monotony.

Just a few inches to go and I’m done in time. I don’t think I mentioned that there was a short-term deadline attached. Just another test for mom.

Unbeknownst to her though, when I sew it up, I am going to crochet an edging with a novelty yarn. I just can’t control myself. It’s plain vanilla!