Dragon Thong

Elizabeth brought in the most beautiful scarf. Mary asked if it was Cujo (her nickname for Koigu). It was knit in Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino a beautiful yarn. The autumn colors are dazzling.
She had to rip back the dragon (sound violent) and start again (at the moment resembling a thong); there was a section on the chart she didn’t see. Given that there are 8 pages of charts, it’s understandable.
Michelle brought me several questions and was at a knitting standstill. There was a gauge to check for socks, the Knitting Central Shrug, and the infamous teddy bear.
During the morning she finished the shrug and modeled it for us. She knit it in Tahki Bali and Filatura Di Crosa Semana. It looked great and she was thrilled. Mary noticed how well it went with her Capri’s and sneakers.

We were talking about phones and the itouch. Michelle and I are up for new phones soon and were debating the need for a blackberry if the Itouch had email. Now I have an itouch and it receives mail, I was under the impression that you couldn’t send email. I couldn’t find the reply button. There is one! Michelle showed me. I was so excited I was speechless. Elizabeth aptly commented that, “we need each other.”
Linda came in a bit later with her wallaby’s and her first hat (a flaphappy). The wallaby’s needed some attention and while I was doing that, she finished the hat. She told us that knitting was on Jeopardy last night. We’re infiltrating game shows now!

Randomly it came out that Linda and Mary both have pick up trucks from the late 1940s that they are refurbishing. The varied types of coincidences that occur in our group never cease to amaze me. Whatever topic comes up, someone has had an experience to share. I always find that comforting!

Mary bought this radio the other day and took it out to show us. It’s a clock within a pillow. A real radio though! What will they think of next, and why?