Knitting "Thungries"

I’m probably dating myself with what I’m about to say. When I was a kid there was a commercial where the kid in the commercial was opening every cabinet and refrigerator in the kitchen in search of something to eat and of course couldn’t find it because they didn’t have whatever was being advertised. (Don’t try this at home, I pulled my own thungries routine at home and got my finger caught between the fridge and freezer and needed stitches). I’m hoping there is at least one person who reads this that will tell me they remember the thungries.

Anyway, I digress. The feeling of the commercial was that aimless feeling of not finding what you are looking for.

Last night when I settled in to knit for a while, I felt like that. I had the knitting thungries – and not for lack of projects either. So I spent the night fluttering from one project to another, not feeling satisfied. So now I need to assess my folder of things I’d like to make and find some pattern or yarn that is inspiring.

The summer Knitty patterns came out and I did find two patterns I liked: Entomology and Outside in.