Mary outdid herself in the “name that dragon” exercise. She not only brainstormed names, she wrote down the meanings of the names. I’m sharing an abridged list of the girls only:
Saphira: Eragon’s Blue Dragon
Penelope: Purple from Barbie
Manasa: Hindu – Goddess of Fertility
Nessie: Loch Ness
Bindy: Beautiful Serpent

Michelle wasn’t here when Elizabeth shared her Dragon Shawl. I love her reaction.
Elizabeth is going to test knit a new sock pattern of mine with this beautiful yarn from Arauncania: Ranco Multy – Color 308. The yarn is 75% wool, 376 yards, 7.5 sts/1″.

Elizabeth knit up the Jimmy’s Baby Gift Sweater (click here for free pattern).
She found the cutest buttons ate Webs.

Robin followed the instructions and knit the head and realized that the alignment was off on the increases. Mary said that is looked like roadkill. Tough Group.